About four years ago I decided that I needed hearing aids. I wanted to stay local, so I checked around and decided to do business with David Higginbotham of “David’s Hearing” here in Woodward. I’m glad that I decided to stay local. About two years ago, one of my hearing aids quit operating on me and David had to send it off. Most times he can remedy the problem right in his office. David furnished me with another set of hearing aids until I got mine back. “I DIDN’T MISS A BEAT!!” Great service, great people, great product and it’s all LOCAL!!
L.O. Spray Jr. | Woodward, OK

Several years ago I had to have hearing aids. I contacted David, and he suggested 3 different aids. I was able to choose the one that was right for me. He explained everything about them and helped me to adjust them. Since then his service has been excellent. I could have bought hearing aids just about anywhere. The thing I liked about David is that he is local, and I can call or run by his office. I don’t have to wait on someone coming to town, or I don’t have to go at least an hour and a half to see him. I would highly recommend David’s Hearing to anyone who needs to be tested, or who needs hearing aids. Sincerely,
Randy Willis | Randy’s Pharmacy Woodward, OK

My experience with David started many years ago with my dad who was in Grace Nursing Home at the time, and David would stop by to check his hearing aids on the way home. When it was time for me to get some ‘help’ as my wife put it, I naturally went to David. He showed me how much hearing I had lost and what we could do about it. I have now had his hearing aids for several years and am very pleased. David’s service is top notch and his prices were very competitive.
Dr. Roger Hammerstrom | Woodward, OK

I first heard about David's Hearing from two friends at the information table located in the diner at Buffalo. I noticed that I was having problems with my hearing, but I had assumed it was due to a wax buildup. After David checked my ear canals, I was advised that my ears were clean. David gave me a checkup and installed my temporary hearing aids. After a few weeks, I was fitted with my new aids. I took several trips to David's office because the adjustments had to be done in several steps. I have had my aids for approximately two years. I have not had any problems except for minor items. I have been very pleased with the support I have had with my new hearing aids I purchased from David's Hearing. Additionally, I have not had any problems upon wearing these appliances.
Terry E. Johnson | Buffalo, OK