David’s Hearing is your go-to home for audiological care. We specialize in hearing tests, as well as a wide variety of other services and preventative care. At David’s Hearing, you can expect to get expert audiological care, personalized treatment solutions, as well as the largest savings on hearing aids and assistive devices. Based in beautiful Woodward, Oklahoma, we offer convenient care and community commitment.

Hearing Test

Hearing Tests

At the core of our hearing specialty care is our comprehensive hearing testing. A hearing exam at David’s Hearing looks at all aspects of the way you hear from your medical history and lifestyle needs to painless tests that evaluate your hearing perception. Our thorough state-of-the-art methodology looks at how each ear perceives sound so your hearing solutions can be custom programmed.

Our hearing exams are non-invasive and produce easy to understand results that can help you find answers that restore your hearing health. We’ll work with you to find the causes of hearing issues and effective solutions. Our full selection of hearing solutions includes top-performing brands in hearing aids and assistive listening devices. We custom fit and program your hearing solutions to best serve your hearing loss.

When’s the right time for your next hearing test? Any notable change in your hearing is a sign it is time for a hearing exam. Annual testing helps stay on top of your hearing health and address hearing loss before it can worsen, especially as our hearing becomes more vulnerable to damage as we age. Luckily, scheduling your next hearing test couldn’t be simpler - just drop us a line at David’s Hearing!

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is the experience of a ringing or other phantom sound in your ear. Tinnitus can be frustrating and distracting to deal with affecting your mood, sleep, and ability to focus. While tinnitus can spring from various causes, all tinnitus indicates some form of damage to the auditory system.
David’s Hearing can help with your tinnitus treatment by helping you manage persistent and intrusive tinnitus. We work with a range of therapies to help you suppress the distractions of tinnitus noise. We even offer a range of hearing aids that come offer built-in tinnitus relief. Through specialized solutions and often combined approaches, David’s Hearing can help you find the tinnitus treatment that works for you.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are a tool that you rely on every day to give you a fuller experience of the world around you. When your hearing aids malfunction, it can throw you for a loop - that’s where David’s Hearing can help.

David’s Hearing offers fast, affordable professional hearing aid repair. We focus on restoring performance and comfort to your hearing aids to keep your hearing investment working for years. If your hearing aids are experiencing issues, David’s Hearing can help get you back on track. Our commitment to affordable, reliable hearing care means we want you to enjoy the benefits of your hearing aids to their fullest capacity.

David's Hearing offers a pair of loaner hearing aids, while repairs are being made on your devices, so that you don't miss a beat.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids offer flexible, customizable relief from hearing loss and David’s Hearing offers a complete selection of the best hearing aids on the market. Additionally, many people find assistive listening devices to be a great help in boosting their hearing performance. From tools to help boost speech comprehension to devices for streaming sound to your ear canal, assistive listening devices offer added support for comprehending speech and navigating complex sound environments.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection

Dangerous noise exposure is the most prevalent cause of hearing loss today. Loud noises can permanently damage the sensitive structures of your inner ear, sometimes after only a few seconds of exposure. Protecting your hearing against noise injuries is one of the best ways to maintain lifelong hearing health.

If you are exposed to high noise levels in your daily life (musicians, hunters, power-tool users, we’re looking at you here) custom hearing protection can help ensure that what you do doesn’t deliver hearing loss as an unwanted side effect. At David’s Hearing, we can fit you with custom hearing protection to preserve your hearing health.

Earwax Removal

Earwax, also known as cerumen, can become a big problem for your hearing if it builds up in your ear canal. Excess earwax can even become impacted, which can cause physical pain/discomfort (itching) as well as hearing loss. David’s Hearing offers expert, gentle earwax removal. Cleaning away obstructive earwax from your ear canal can restore hearing ability as well as reducing ear pain and risk of infections.