Hearing Aid Manufacturers

How do you decide which hearing aid is right for you? David’s Hearing believes that there’s a great-performing, affordable hearing solution for everyone. We carry hearing aid brands that we trust as industry leaders for value and performance.

Want to learn more about the brands we carry? Each company has developed powerful digital hearing solutions and at David’s Hearing we’re happy to help you make the right choice for your needs. We understand that hearing aids are an investment and work with you to ensure your hearing aids are the right match for your lifestyle.



Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Like Phonak, Unitron is a brand of the Sonova corporation, with a long track record of exceptional hearing products. Unitron makes user ease and comfort the central design principal of their products, winning prestigious Red Dot Design Awards five years in a row.

With convenience as their guide, Unitron makes customizing a hearing aid easy. Adaptable designs can come paired down to the basic functions or with selectively added features that fit your lifestyle. User-friendly hearing aids like Unitron’s Moxi come in a wide range of power levels and can be optimized with digital connectivity.



ReSound is a well-established leader in the hearing aid industry, based in Denmark. ReSound is part of the Danish corporation GN which has its roots in the cutting-edge audio research of the country’s Great Northern Telegraph Line, founded in 1896. Today, ReSound operates in concert with its sister brand Jabra which develops headphones, headsets and noise cancellation technology. Together, ReSound and Jabra share their research and technology breakthroughs accelerating their performance in each field.

ReSound’s products feature the fruits of their advanced research into hearing solutions. Their LiNX 3D and Quattro models optimize noise cancellation and directional sound assistance for better navigation of noisy and complicated sound environments. ReSound also offers a notable option for users managing profound hearing loss with their ENZO 3D which offers some of the best spatial sound delivery alongside boosted power and amplification.



The premier American hearing aid brand is Starkey which combines a commitment to the development of cutting-edge technology with a passion for philanthropy and outreach. Starkey grew out of a hearing aid repair service run by William F. Austin in the mid-1960s. Today, the company is based in Minnesota and have many hearing health-focused initiatives and a long history of innovations in the field.

Starkey’s research into better hearing technologies is shaped and directed by user needs. Hearing aids from Starkey offer a range of features well suited to the average user including digital smartphone connectivity that allows you to stream phone calls and other audio from your phone to your hearing aid. Starkey hearing aids such as the Halo2 and Muse IQ offer rechargeable convenience.

Starkey extensively tests their products to make sure their innovations are both pragmatic and simple to use. They’ve recently furthered their commitment to hearing as a component of total wellness with the launch of their Livio AI hearing aid which can be paired with their Thrive health app to make cognitive health an integrated component of hearing therapy.



Based in Switzerland, Phonak has introduced some of the most notable breakthroughs in hearing aid design and technology since it was founded in 1947. Phonak is a manufacturer that operates under the parent international company, Sonova.

Phonak is responsible for the world’s first hearing aid solution for single-sided hearing loss. Their CROS hearing aid system faithfully delivers sound from the challenged ear to the hearing ear, reproducing the time lag between ears needed to determine directionality in sounds.

Phonak has also been on the forefront of fun and functional solutions for pediatric hearing loss in children and teens. With bright, customizable designs, increased durability and powerful technology Phonak offers hearing solutions to grow with.

Phonak’s most recent breakthrough has been the introduction of high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion powered hearing aids to the world with their Audeo line of products. The Swiss company has pushed for smaller, lighter, high-performing components that make their rechargeable models some of the longest-lasting on the market today. Pairing rechargeable convenience with digital connectivity pushes Phonak hearing aid models like the Marvel to the cutting edge of technology.